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8 Random Things About Me

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Here are a few random tidbits about me:

1. I love sourdough bread. I used to only really like the bread at Spaghetti Warehouse, but now I have found a bake-it-yourself loaf at Kroger that is really yummy.

2. I like colors in combinations. Right now, my favorites are blue & white and aqua & orange.

3. I really don’t like small talk. So talk to me about something real. Because if you want to small talk I will probably be unresponsive!

4. I like a lot of Japanese things! ^_^ Yes, I am a grownup and find Hello Kitty & her friends super cute!

5. I am really good at giving the perfect gifts to people. I have some gifts that I have been keeping for awhile, awaiting the perfect time to give.

6. I majored in English but still find grammar confusing!

7.  I don’t like math, but I end up doing accounting and taxes!

8. I am an artist and would like to get my creative projects going again. Lately, I have just been doing scrapbooks.